Over the past 25 years, UNIPRESS has decisively shaped the world market for shirt presses and finishers with innovations. All machines are designed for the heavy duty use of every working day.

To ensure that Unipress machines excellently master the tough continuous operation in a day-to-day business, UNIPRESS does not take shortcuts in the design and construction of the machines.

UNIPRESS knows that a sustainable quality strategy is more efficient in the long term than short-term profit maximization. That’s why every UNIPRESS machine contains the 10% extra effort that makes life and work so easy for our customers.

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Shirt presses

With the Unipress Hurricane and Cyclone shirt presses, you can compete for customers with confidence. Quality and cost give you your competitive edge!

UNIPRESS shirt presses

Hurricane and Cylone

The Unipress shirt presses Hurricane and Cylone are the new level in efficiency and quality. The superior finish quality of the machines creates preferences among your customers. By pressing the front with the button tab and the back all the way down, the shirt gets a unique finish  that gives a pleasant freshness throughout the day.

The new, height-adjustable sleeve tensioners again significantly improve the finish in the sleeve area. The height is adjusted by touch on the touchscreen of the operating unit. The adjustment can also be made during the pressing process.

The back section is completely pressed and tensioned by the PULL DOWN device. The PULL DOWN device makes it easier to pull the shirt onto the body and significantly improves the pressing result. Even fitted shirts can now be processed with a good result.

The Hurricane and Cylone are currently the machines that meet today’s fashion trends. With the HS 2, the shirts are neatly pressed out in the body; also the part that is worn out of the trousers today.

Efficiency with Hurricane and Cylone

The Hurricane and Cylone offer powerful features that make working more productive and efficient.

  • High working speed thanks to short pressing times.
    (torso approx.22 sec./collar cuffs approx. 18 sec.)
  • Halved steam costs compared to a shirt finisher.
  • Cooler room climate for you and your employees.

The reassuring feeling of having the right technique

With the Hurricane HS2, you have a machine that can press up to 120 shirts/hour in a small space. The machine dead time when turning is only 4 seconds.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but with a machine dead time of only 3 seconds more, the same employee can produce 10% more shirts.

Pull Down

The body is divided in the lower quarter in the back of the shirt. In the last quarter a back tension plate is mounted. This is slightly advanced with a spring tensioned. The shirt is pulled up over this part. When the pressing plates are closed, this tensioning plate is pushed down over a guide and at the same time the shirt is tensioned in the back.  Operation of the machine is made easier and the pressing result is improved once again.

UNIPRESS shirt presses
UNIPRESS shirt presses 2
UNIPRESS LS2 back plate
UNIPRESS shirt presses 3

Finisher and flathead presses

  • Complete range of form finishers and flathead presses.
  • Form finishers may be hooked up to steam pressure of up 9 bar.
  • This results in shorter process time and improved finish quality.
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